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Remote Construction

The Challenge

Construction projects in Micronesia and the Western Pacific represent a very unique challenge for successful execution. Not only are suppliers and material availability a significant concern, but so is the basic elements of material transportation and delivery – on top of mobilization to effectively support the long-term remote workforce required.

In many locations where AIC has designed and built projects for our customers, little to no roads, docks or other facilities and infrastructure even exist. We have used many methods to deliver materials to sites, including offshore surveys and the use of landing craft to deliver equipment, life support and man-camps and all materials directly onshore in close proximity to the sites. Further, because of these types of constraints, AIC projects often include requirements not only for structures, but also power generating capabilities, extended utility connection horizontal construction requirements, new dock structures and pilings, and ground up communications infrastructures.

Our remote projects often involve significant telecommunications and satellite infrastructures, where we’ve built rocket and satellite tracking stations. These projects are good examples of remote operations that required AIC to source, coordinate, manage and execute tightly sequenced work by a wide variety of highly specialized trades. Requirements for example like civil infrastructure, structural construction, complex mechanical, generation, conditioning, power and electrical systems are indicative of the complex requirements and builds we’ve mastered in the most remote placed on Earth.