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Water Tank Replacement

  • Water Tank Replacement
  • Water Tank Replacement
  • Water Tank Replacement


AIC constructed the NMC 1.0 Million Gallon pre-stressed concrete water tank and foundation. Including demolition of the existing 1.0MG Steel Tank. Civil investigation services via auger bore 20 feet below grade. Final installation consists of a new 14″ transmission line between the NMC tank and existing Kannat Tabla tank.

Complete installation feature provided of tank piping, valve vaults, control valves, triplex booster pumps, backup generator, chlorination station, generators, perimeter fencing, gates, facility lighting and perimeter asphalt paving around the tank and access road.

Client: Commonwealth Utilities Corporation

Location: As-Terlaje, Saipan

Value: $ 4,940,000

Completed date: April 11, 2018

Category: Government